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Picture Credits: Samdrup Rigyal, March 2011

Public Sector

Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, MoAF,

An new Extension Policy Document by the Ministry of Agriculture is expected to be published soon.

Efforts were undertaken to integrate the agriculture, livestock and forestry extension services within the renewable natural resources (RNR) sector of the Agriculture Ministry. However, currently the different sub-sectors of extension components are still being handled directly by the respective departments:
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Livestock
  • Department of Forest and Park Services

University-based Extension

Royal University of Bhutan
  • College of Natural Resources, CNR
CNR is responsible for training and generating the extension agents both at Diploma and undergraduate level in the three sub-sectors of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.

Non-Governmental Organizations

NGO's only play a very limited role in providing extension and advisory services.

Still seeking information on extension and advisory services provided by:
  • Farmer Based Organizations

  • Private Sector Companies

Related Resources

Case study on the challenges of extension agents in Bhutan:

VERCON Bhutan,
  • The Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network (VERCON) in Bhutan sets the ground to link research and extension (R&E) communities using new information and communication technologies (ICTs) complementing traditional information and communication systems.