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AESON, Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria

AESON came into existence in 1992 and currently has a membership of over 200 professionals. It was established to provide opportunity for extension professionals, academics and practitioners to work together for the purpose of facilitating the development and practice of agricultural extension for the benefit of the people and governments of Nigeria and the world at large.

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Agwu E. Agwu (PhD), Department of Agricultural Extension. University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Public Sector

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

Public Research Institution with Extension Unit

University-based Extension

  • National Agricultural Extension Research & Liaison Services, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria 

Semi-autonomous Governmental Extension Organization

  • Provide management training
  • Provide consultancy and advisory services
  • Conduct applied management research, special and diagnostic studies
  • Disseminate management information
  • Contribute to policy development which would enhance better management of the agricultural and rural sector in Nigeria

Non-Governmental Organizations

Farmer Based Organization

Private Sector Organizations or Firms providing extension services

  • Nigerian Tobacco Company
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company

In-Service Training for Extension Staff

SAFE, Sasakawa Africa Fund for Extension Education, Programs in Nigeria:

  • University of Illorin
  • Adamawa State University

Pre-Service Training for Extension Staff

  • University of Benin, Faculty of Agriculture, Objectives (among others):

...To produce extension workers who should be able to communicate effectively with rural farmers. ... 
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